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The Department Of Culture, Media & Sport have now unveiled ‘Sporting Future’ - a sports and participation strategy for the United Kingdom that will seek to revive the nations appetite for sport and activity whilst providing the blue print and platform to drive an active nation and a healthier lifestyle for all.

The new cross government strategy unites the countries brightest minds and outlines a five point strategic framework to help the UK adopt and deliver a new and exciting approach to sports policy. The associated benefits of regular sports participation continues to be a central focus for Government investment, as physical inactivity currently costs the UK an estimated £7.4 billion each year.

Until now, the impact of sport beyond simply the number of people participating or the number of medals won, has been unable to validate measurable, observable outcomes on society. This has led in some cases to situations where organisations have become discouraged from engaging with those who would benefit most from the value of sport and regular exercise. One notable change for the future is how sport is going to be funded. It is no longer merely about how many people take part, but rather how sport can have a meaningful and measurable impact on improving people’s lives.

There are many new investment approaches contained within the Sporting Future - 'A New Strategy for An Active Nation' strategy - a new emphasis is being placed on achieving a variety of social outcomes, increasing the diversification of funding and assisting to identify commercial funding opportunities and alternative sources of income. With Sport and physical activity contributing £39bn to the UK’s GDP and an estimated one million people employed across the sport and the physical activity sectors, ensuring that the sector is effectively supported and enhanced is crucial for the UK Government’s plans.

The new strategy accentuates that sport and physical activity have not traditionally been supported in the same way as other parts of the economy, government has instead focused on increasing participation and winning medals at the expense of the business of sport. The focus will now be switched - seeking to work with sporting bodies and businesses to help them develop a sector wide business strategy to support growth, whilst improving access to finance and skills development. To provide support, The Department Of Culture, Media & Sport and The Department for Business Innovation & Skills, will collaborate and form a new Sports Business Council to be established this year.

As a social enterprise dedicated to assisting communication amongst the wide range of organisations tasked with creating an active nation and delivering on the above sports policies, Why Sports are pleased to announce our latest conference “ Investment in Sport & Activity “ - The Economic Impact of Sport. (which follows on from our sold out March conference 'Why Sports 2016'). The Conference seeks to provide an arena for ongoing debate and up to the minute commentary surrounding all of the pertinent issues of funding, investment and governance contained within the “Sporting Future” strategy.

We will of course continue to work alongside the many organisations who enable us to achieve our social mission.

Sport a new strategy

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